The fact that the Holdem Manager series has already picked up numerous awards speaks volumes about its effectiveness in the poker software market. This latest version, released in 2011, includes several benefits to previous ones and is already proved a hit amongst buyers.

In comparison with other types of poker software, Sharkscope is completely different and offers users an experience through its website, rather than a downloadable package.

The main function of Sharkscope is to track every single tournament that is played on the world's biggest poker websites. It compiles all of the data and inputs it into a database, which users can search and find statistics on all users - including themselves.

The Poker Tracker is one of the most well-known pieces of software in the poker industry. The fact that this is the fourth version in the series highlights how reputable the software has become over the years and the developers have implemented several additional features that make this new system even better.

While some poker players have carved a career out of simply reading their opponents, others rely on a much more mathematical strategy and will analyse each hand they have and provide themselves with odds. Unfortunately, unless you are something of a maths genius, the latter can take a while to master and this is where Poker Calculator Pro comes in.