Top Live Poker Rooms

Although online poker rooms are the places that attract the majority of players, brick and mortar poker rooms aren’t going to lose ground as they have a more than steady crowd of fans who like the social side of the game. Besides, live poker venues are visited by the true high-rollers, who want the limits that can't be available online.

If you are one of such players and want to feel the frenzy of the real poker, pack your bags and travel to some of the best poker destinations in the world. Do you have any idea where you should go? If not, this overview of the top 10 live poker rooms might help you.

The Bellagio, which proudly stands in the heart of the legendary Strip in Las Vegas, will captivate you by its atmosphere of luxury. The poker room itself occupies seven thousand square feet and offers a really huge range of games at any stakes. Its "Big Game" of $2,000/$4,000 limits is a breathtaking event in the cash game universe that is a must-see for any poker lover. But don’t think "Big Game" is the only attraction of this casino. The Bellagio is visited by the most celebrated limit Hold'em gurus. This is the place where one has the chance to play the only $20/40 stud game in Las Vegas. In addition, they offer a full spectrum of NLH, with blinds getting as high as $100/200.

The biggest draw is the high-limit room known as Bobby's Room. Here poker masters like Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivy compete in the biggest cash games.

Still, this casino has its limitations, to be sure. One can wait for a medium or low stakes table for hours. The staff can sometimes be too overweening so that getting the bill is often not less difficult than winning a pot.

Despite all these drawbacks, the Bellagio is a casino that must be high on your list of poker destinations. If you visit it at least once in your life – you’ll never forget this place.

The Venetian Poker Room is the place where the choice of poker games has no limits. In combination with its gritz and glamour this makes the Venetian the favorite poker room in Vegas. it has 59 tables and offers a multitude of amenities to its visitors.

The chairs and tables are impressively large, and you will easily find the game to your liking. This poker room hosts deep stack tournaments that are considered to be the best in the USA. When Deepstack Tournament Series are held in the Venetian Poker Room, it gets filled to capacity so that over 60 extra “temporary” tournament tables are used. The maximum number of players who can participate in the events organized in this poker room exceeds 700 players.

The players who play six hours of cash games per day get the poker room rate of $179 (on weekends), which is a substantial saving). If you are ready to take up the challenge of playing poker for so long, the Venetian would be the right choice for you.

Managed by the poker celebrity Kathy Raymond, this poker venue is the most crowded in Las Vegas, usually spreading about 35 cash games per night.

A trip to Foxwoods Resort Casino will probably leave you speechless as this is the largest gaming venue in the world. Its supersize is noticeable in everything: 300,000 feet of space, 6 connected casinos, 3 luxurious hotels, literally thousands of slots and table games, and the 2nd biggest poker room in the world (over 125 tables plus 100 extra tables for major tournaments.

Each day in Foxwoods is vibrant - 3 multi-table events take place each day (as a rule, no limit hold'em, sometimes stud, stud8, omaha8, and limit hold'em). There are two traditional highlights: Foxwoods Poker Classic tournament (held in spring) and the World Poker Finals (held in autumn). Sit and goes are also popular here - they start every hour or so all week long. Also, there are feeder tournaments known as Acts which are held to find the best players who would win the seat in the major tournament.

For those who enjoy playing 7-card stud Foxwoods would be a perfect place as it offers a full range of such games, both in low and high rollers section. The highest stakes can reach $2,000/4,000, but they are offered only during major events.

Here are two drawbacks of this casino worth noting: too many poker veterans around and the big distance from any other major venues of interest.

Commerce Casino is one more poker giant, which boasts over 200 poker tables. It’s a mecca for poker players of all shapes and sizes as it offers a huge variety of games, including different variations of Holdem, stud, lowball, high low split, and Omaha. It’s difficult to conceive a game that is not played there.

Low limit games leaning toward the "no fold'em hold'em" variety, while higher limit games present a great mixture of poker professionals, skillful dilettantes and average players, as well as amusement seeking fish who easily scatter their money without any regret.

Before 2001 the only drawback one could find in Commerce Casino was the need to stay in Los Angeles, but now it’s not a problem anymore due to the construction of the Crowne Suite Hotel right near the casino.

The amenities offered to players are unequaled. One can eat excellent food virtually for free there and without getting distracted from the play as table-side eating is permitted. The poker room is rich in tournament action, with the LA Poker Classic being the major event that attracts best players of the world. Regular tournaments of any kind are held here every week.

If you are looking for the best gambling venue in the mid-west, Caesar's Indiana would be the right choice. This 24-hour place features thousands of slots, hundreds of tables, and 7 restaurants. Caesar's offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for an excellent poker, or just want to have a good time.

The poker room of this magnificent place has 33 tables, spreading mostly no limit and limit holdem. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of other games, from mid-limit Omaha to stud high low split. Those who are $30/60 stud game minded should go there on weekends. The World Poker Tour is the major event held in Caesar’s, but there are also numerous smaller daily and weekly tournaments. For a truly memorable time, join their poker league and participate in regular tournaments for low stakes that last for eight weeks.

The games are typically played by relaxed casual gamblers. You are unlikely to run across serious pros as they are put off by the lack of regular high limit action and by the remoteness of this poker room from major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is a great poker destination in Atlantic City. The poker room uses 85 tables and their website informs you how many of them are in operation and what games are played at the moment.

The poker room has a beautiful illumination and very high ceilings. What is more important, the level of noise here is muted so it’s hard to conceive there are crowds of people there. This room can get very crowded on weekends, games vary from $2-4 up to $300K on a single table. Action is spread at any level.

If you are really good at playing NL hold em, the Borgata is where you can easily build your bankroll. Limit stud, stud8 and Omaha are also spread here but no so much as Holdem. Most players who visit this poker room are amateurs and can be effortlessly capitalized upon. You’ll deal with loose, passive players most of the time. If you are into 5-10NL or 10-20NL, go to the Borgata, play 2-5NL games for several hours and see what happens. It’s truly a goldmine!

If this is not enough for you and your poker heart cries for more impressions, keep an eye on the tournament schedule as the seasons change. The Winter Poker Open sets into high gear in January, the Spring Poker Open starts in April, the Summer Poker Open runs in June and the Fall Poker Open is held in November.

The Bicycle Casino, situated near Los Angeles, boasts the second largest poker room on the planet. It has 175 tables and a host of HD TV screen so you won’t get bored when play becomes less active at your table. You can expect a play in a low-stress environment since this place is mostly visited by loose players. Be sure that many players at the Bike poker room make the impression of people with some serious personality disorder that makes them resent money. They tend to call huge bets when they hold air, which makes them an easy prey.

The Bike hosts such tournaments as Queen of Heart (February), NAPT L.A (March), Queen of Diamonds (May), Queen of Clubs (July), Legends of Poker WPT (August), Big Poker October, Ho Ho Hold’em (November). Besides, the poker room runs regular tournaments every week. As for the games offered by the Bicycle poker room, they are 7 Card Stud, Limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Lowball, Mexican Poker, and some others.

The only complaint you would often hear from players is the lack of room between the tables, but that’s compensated by the competence and friendliness of floor staff.

The Gold Strike Casino in Tunica is one more popular poker players’ destination. It hosts the annual World Poker Open (January), a great multi-event tournament that gathers poker celebrities. During this event, for the whole month, one has a chance to make real money since medium and high limits are mostly offered. The rest of the year, Gold Strike Casino Resort is a fantastic low and mid limit bonanza.

This casino features a 2nd floor smoke-free poker room. Away from the hubbub of the main gaming floor, the room seems to be a peaceful oasis. This room usually offers $1/$2 NL hold 'em and $4/$8 limit hold 'em, sometimes pot limit Omaha and Seven Card Stud.

There are two regular daily tourneys, with low buy-ins, that generally attract 25-55 players. The action at this poker room can be different - sometimes they’re extremely loud, and sometimes relatively quiet.

One of the advantages of playing at the Strike is the proximity to another popular poker venue Horseshoe.

Even if you have always been a fan of online poker player, you should try playing live poker. Nothing can substitute playing at the real casino, especially if this is one of the venues mentioned above. It can be a fascinating feeling when you first touch the real cards and stack your real chips. Good luck!