Switching from Full Ring to 6-Max Games

Poker beginners often start playing full ring games (9-10 players) as they see hosts of articles about them out there. But after a while, they get tired of this form of poker and eventually yield to the temptation of trying 6-max games. If this is the case with you, read on to learn how to switch from full ring games to 6-max poker.

Bigger Variance = Bigger Bankroll
The first thing you need to know about 6-max cash games is that it requires you to play a lot more hands. You will also see that these games have more variance than full ring games. Due to constant upswings and downswings you won’t be able to stay afloat without a big bankroll.

Broader Ranges
Since there are fewer players, the range of hands is broader. For example, if you want to call a pre-flop all-in move with AA – QQ in a full ring poker, you could add JJ and AK in this range in 6-max (unless you are dealing with a very tight player).

Steal More
One more difference to be aware of when switching to 6-max games is the need to steal blinds and small pots more – preferably in late position. Firstly, you can expect fewer players to call your steal attempts, and secondly, average hands will be a bit worse in 6-max games, which will prevent players from calling or trying to re-steal from you.

Overall, you’ll see that full ring cash games and 6-max are not different as night and day. Thus, try not to over-adjust and keep playing within your common scope. Just remember those small differences described above and enjoy the game!