Studying Hand Histories

Poker players constantly try to improve their win rates and look for the ways to make their game play better. One of the most effective ways of seeing your poker profit increase is to study hand histories from past sessions.

Most top poker websites store their hand history data and can save it to your hard drive upon request or send it to you by e-mail. If a website you are using doesn’t have this feature, you can copy-paste the raw data after each session or take screen shots of significant histories if they are in a graphic form. No matter how you get this information, it will definitely be worth your time and efforts.

One method of taking advantage of hand history data is to consult ‘notepad’ launched on your computer during your play and capture the hand history of those situation where you need to make an important decision. Any time there is a large pot, no matter what kind of hand you hold, you should capture a similar situation in the hand history.

However, there are players who think that it’s better to look through the whole hand history after a poker session. Both ways of using hand histories have their pros and cons. While looking through your whole session it will be possible to detect more subtle leaks – for example where you made a raise prior to the flop and folded on a later street. If there are similar situations, you might be able to identify the circumstances and play correspondingly in future. Saving a few small bets wouldn’t be a bad thing, right?

Other way of using hand history data will allow you to make a thorough study of the pots in which large amounts of chips were involved. The analysis of such hands can give you a complete view of the odds, outs and bet sizes. You will be able to make correct decisions about bet sizes so that you would see a substantial increase in your profit from the hand.