In comparison with other types of poker software, Sharkscope is completely different and offers users an experience through its website, rather than a downloadable package.

The main function of Sharkscope is to track every single tournament that is played on the world's biggest poker websites. It compiles all of the data and inputs it into a database, which users can search and find statistics on all users - including themselves.

Sharkscope offer two services; a free version and one that costs $12 per month. The former permits just five searches a day, while this figure is increased to 150 searches per month for the premium package.

Some users will question the effectiveness of Sharkscope considering the fact it mainly just displays tournament results for players. However, through this information it is easy to see just how talented a player is. For example, if a particular user has amassed a massive profit through online poker, it is possible to see if most of these profits have arisen through multiple tournaments or just through one, sole victory. If it is the latter, there is a chance that the player isn't actually that reputable and can be taken less seriously on the table.

The website also gives each player an ability rating that can be good for comparison purposes. This is based on the number of tournaments played, the average profit as well as their current form. The fact that all of these statistics can be inserted into graph format makes analysis much easier as well.

Following on from the above, Sharkscope can be described as a simple yet very effective piece of poker software. Many users have seen an improvement in their play after using the website and considering the fact it is possible to make five free searches per day, you should at least take a look at the offering.