Rush Poker Strategy

Full Tilt poker has given birth to a new variation of poker that features dynamic, super-fast game play. Although it is played according to the standard rules of poker, it has different workings of an online poker room. The players are permitted to play far more hands in a given period of time than in a regular ring game.

Rush poker gathers a crowd of people into one room and haphazardly seats them at different tables. The most important factor of Rush Poker is the "Quick Fold" option which lets players fold at any time during a hand, even before the action ever comes to them the first time.

As soon as you have folded, you are immediately moved to some other table where a new hand is just starting. Due to this option, you avoid the downtime, or in other words don’t have to wait for the end of the round. In addition, due to this feature, you will be dealing with different players with every hand. Here are several strategies that might help you when start playing Rush poker.

Play Tight
It's essential to take into account the "Quick Fold" option when developing your Rush strategy. A lot of players prefer taking advantage of this option. Quick folds are a normal thing in Rush Poker, and many players decide to fold until they get a good hand because they don’t need to wait around. This is why playing tightly is a must. Since it's infinitely easy and stress-free to fold, those who do not fold will more than likely have strong cards. Tight players generally play face–card pocket pairs and sometimes pairs of 10s, 9s, or 8s. Trying to squeeze something out of low pocket pairs can be intriguing, but it isn't worth the gander when it's obvious that another player has a better hand.

As for bluffing, it has almost no sense in Rush poker. Due to the dynamic style, players do not care about their opponents' mental strategies. Besides, a player who is staying in a hand probably has a solid draw, so bluffing with poor cards is highly unlikely to get you anywhere.

It’s OK to use the same strategies as long as you need. If a strategy turns out to be working, keep using it. You shouldn’t worry that someone will guess your tactics since you'll be playing with different people with each hand.