Rebuy Tournament Strategy

Rebuyi tournaments are well worth your attention as they can give you a cheap shot at an abnormally large prizepool. It’s an ordinary thing for a player to enter a £3 rebuy tournament and be fighting for an incredibly high first place prize of £6,000! If you enjoy deepstacked poker and can tirelessly play it for hours, you’ll certainly like rebuy multi-table tournaments.

What makes these tournaments a tasty morsel for the professional players is a large number of satellite entrants and a lot of dead money. Since you can rebuy as much as 3,000 chips during the first hour (usually called the rebuy hour), the odds are high that you will accumulate a massive stack to use later. If you play immaculately working on your leaks and never stop looking to improve you can expect a ROR (rate of return) of 30 per cent and more.

Take the Initial Rebuy
You are highly recommended to take the initial rebuy at the very beginning of the game, before the first hand is dealt. Many websites give players an opportunity to rebuy up to 1500 chips before the start of the tournament. As different players enter such poker tournaments with different limits and tactics, many of them neglect the chance of taking initial rebuy having no idea that it could give them a great advantage in the game. Do not make the mistake of not buying those extra chips. What is your major goal in poker? It’s making plays that are most advantageous for you and diving after any minor edges you can get. If you enter a tournament having only 1500 chips at your disposal when some other players have 3,000, you have very little chances of winning.

Early Strategy
During the first hour of play you are likely to see a great deal of chips flying all over the place at random. There many players who tend to assign too high a value to their draw type hands and more often than not they are worth taking the shot to hit it. The practice shows that there is at least one so-called ‘rebuy maniac ‘per table whose play seem absolutely random, spontaneous and thoughtless. Such type of player is definitely the guy that can be your goldmine because thanks to his unprofessional play your table will be provided with much needed chips.

What type of hands should I be playing early?
You can count yourself lucky if you see several cheap flops with suited connectors and hands that contain any two cards like Jack-Queen. Safely limp in on the button for twenty chips if you have a hand like 9c10c if other players have limped in front of you. Unlike standard poker tournaments where you get eliminated as soon as you run out of chips, you might play on a poker website of top standing like Bodog Poker where you have more odds of getting all your chips in the middle. You can freely gamble to seize a big stack during the first hour of the game, but never fling your money around. Avoid pushing All In every hand and turning a £20 buyin rebuy MTT into a £ 400 event. Your primary goal is still to make money, you should try to do so by playing wisely.

Take the Add-On
When the first hour of the game comes to an end, players are offered the option to ‘add-on‘. Essentially, you get 2000 chips for the price of a common rebuy. This add-on is something that should be taken advantage of. Try to get extra chips whenever you can no matter how many chips you already have. Don’t forget that in a tournament like that you must get as many chips as possible, otherwise you won’t be able to win the tournament.

Posti Rebuy Strategy
Now that the excitement abated and players have calmed down you can play some poker. At this stage of the tournament a serious player can use the chance to get valuable chips to add to their stack. As previously mentioned, rebuy poker tournaments are rich in satellite entrants and dead money. These are the types of players who don’t know how to adapt to the game when rebuy period is over. They tend to play unreasonably, usually out of position. Your task is to attack those players in an aggressive way.

Play Position
There is no reason to risk your tournament life if you don’t have strong hands. Be patient. Take your time since rebuy tournaments are slow enough. Play your position and try to get the maximum value out of other players and minimize your net losses.

Play Aggressively in the Bubblei<
Bubble time is when you can seize some much needed chips. Often it turns out to be sensible to raise every hand during this stage of the game. Browbeat players who make attempts to just squeeze into the payout positions.

The final stages of rebuy tournaments are played like a common freezeout. Even if you encounter some obstacles on the way, don’t lose your get-up-and-go as you can still play the short stack successfully thanks to the slow increase of the blinds.

Online rebuy tournaments offer unimaginable opportunities. For a couple of pounds buy-in you have the chance to win thousands of pounds. If you have several hours at your disposal and enjoy the challenge of playing against thousands of players, these tournaments are for you. They are entertainment filled and dynamic, and that’s what makes them so attractive for above-average poker players.