Poker Tracker 4

The Poker Tracker is one of the most well-known pieces of software in the poker industry. The fact that this is the fourth version in the series highlights how reputable the software has become over the years and the developers have implemented several additional features that make this new system even better.

Firstly, it's worth exploring the price of the software. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat confusing issue of Poker Tracker 4 as users are provided so many different options. Firstly, those who are at least intrigued about the product should definitely make use of the 30-day free trial that can be obtained. Following on from that, there are two types of product, with the first featuring $0.25-$0.50 games of Pot Limit and No Limit poker, $0.50-$1 games of Limit encounters and tournaments up to a buy-in of $22.

Unfortunately, this software is then split again, with users having the option to buy a Hold'em or Omaha version. Buying each separately will cost $59.99, while the two together costs a reduced rate of $99.99. For those users who play at higher stakes, there is the option of purchasing versions of the software that permit games of any stake. However, these players will have to invest more into the software, with the price being either $99.99 or $159.99 depending on the number of versions purchased.

Once you have managed to buy the software, you will be presented with several options on the home screen. These include community features, statistics and play poker. The first, related to the community, allows customers to access support and help pages for Poker Tracker 4. This should be the first stop for all users, as it's possible to view tutorial videos and a whole host of other aids to get you started with the software. The play poker tab allows you to tell Poker Tracker 4 which hands you want to download, while it also provides an interface to upload previous hands from the computer. As you may expect, the statistic tab is the home for all of your game reports and this will be one of the main features of the software that are utilised.

Due to the fact that statistics are one of the most important functions of Poker Tracker 4, it is worth spending a little time describing what they offer. It's possible to view a complete history of your results, with all of these being placed into graph format along with any financial consequences. Detailed information on each hand is also provided and the fact that players are able to visually view these hands is certainly impressive. A lot of players will be fond of the luck bell curve chart as well - which highlights just how a user's luck has spun out in all of those 50-50 circumstances.

Another popular feature of Poker Tracker 4 is the HUD. Unlike several of its rivals, the software have made the HUD completely customizable and the fact it is based on the drag-and-drop theory means that it is very easy to utilise. Players can look at all of the standard facts and statistics during their hands, while one of the more recent features is the ability to specifically tag a hand during play so it is easy to view at a later date. The notes function is also new, with the software constantly remarking on opponents' play based on settings you have stipulated in the past.

Another desirable feature of Poker Tracker 4 is LeakTracker. As the name may suggest, this allows those who are playing in cash games to find out exactly where they are losing money. It also identifies strengths and is proving to be a hugely efficient feature in the software.

All in all, PokerTracker 4 has built on the success of previous versions and is certainly a very competent piece of software in this niche. It arrives with an abundance of features which not only help a player during the live stages of a game, but also allow him or her to analyse their play afterwards. This could allow a lot of users to rapidly improve their game and immediately rake back the money that the software initial costs.