Poker Heads Up Play

Poker Heads Up play is a fantastic chance for players to open their whole suitcase of tricks and demonstrate all their poker skills to their opponents.

This is a game where you show ruthless and aggressive play on your path to the victory. Keep in mind, though, that being aggressive does not mean that you leave your wits behind. On the contrary, heads up strategies require a player to be maximally vigilant.

According to one strategy of heads up play, you must be extremely aggressive and try to lead out with bets and raise bets of other players. However, many players show overly aggressive play while following this strategy and do not take into consideration the board situation and the possible hands of other players. This is a huge mistake that brings about a situation where the player wins a plenty of small pots using such play, but then loses big pots when they stumble upon a player with nuts.

This is why playing heads up you should be utterly discriminating in your aggressive moves – this would require summoning the assistance of all you skills at reading other players and making correct assumptions about the range of hands they might hold and see when to show aggression and when to retreat.

The goal is to keep winning all the small pots, and bigger pots where it can be done, but at all costs avoid swallowing the bait of your opponents who might want to use your aggressive play against you by enticing you deep into a hand when they have a premium hand.

Try to use your position to your benefit. A player, who is the last to act post flop, has an edge over others as he can analyze the moves of their opponents before making a decision or action.

Pressurize your opponent who is the first to act and thus has insufficient information about others; make them less confident than they are. This can turn into a real mind game play that requires mastering the art of manipulating the information you are giving.

If you are the first to act, this approach can be used in reverse.
Increase the deceptiveness of your play! You are to decide what information you should send out. You have the power to make other players believe that you have absolute Brazils when you don’t and vice versa. It’s all about making up a story and coordinating your play with the story you are trying to make credible.