Poker Calculator Pro

While some poker players have carved a career out of simply reading their opponents, others rely on a much more mathematical strategy and will analyse each hand they have and provide themselves with odds. Unfortunately, unless you are something of a maths genius, the latter can take a while to master and this is where Poker Calculator Pro comes in.

This software is designed to aid the user with pot odds and provide appropriates suggestions on how they should play certain hands.

Poker Calculator Pro can be utilised under a variety of platforms, whether it be multi-table tournaments or simple sit and gos. The basis of the software is to calculate the chance a player has of winning by looking at his current hand. It is worth mentioning at this point that the software does NOT read opponents hands and simply forges its statistics based on your hand and the community cards on the table.

Starting with the basics, the software is programmed for the Windows operating system and firstly gives users the opportunity to alter settings. The aim of this is for the player to specify their own type of play - whether it be normal, tight or aggressive. It is also possible to adjust these variables whilst playing on a table, with the software able to detect the type of table and alter its actions accordingly. Once Poker Calculator Pro has been initiated on a table, it will gradually inform the user about the profile of each opposing player. This is in the form of a description, with typical labels being "fish" and "loose".

During play, users are presented with a bar along the bottom of the screen which shows all of the relevant statistics. Users are shown the odds of winning a hand and the odds of drawing to a hand based on the current visible situation. Moreover, and this is in contrast to several rival products, Poker Calculator Pro provides an information panel which advises players on the next course of action to take following an analysis of the information. Unfortunately, there is no guidance in relation to the amount to bet, but this should still prove to be a popular feature amongst users.

One possible drawback with Poker Calculator Pro is its performance during a heads-up game. At this point, the software appears to malfunction somewhat and doesn't really give logical advice. Nevertheless, if the settings are tweaked, it is still possible to use the software in this type of encounter.

All in all, Poker Calculator Pro is a decent piece of software in its niche. Admittedly, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it is certainly a good concept for those that are new to poker or who are simply struggling with the mathematics of the game.