Phelps triumphs at poker game

Having amassed a fortune over $45m through his unbelievable swimming career, Michael Phelps certainly has a few spare cents to splash on minor hobbies.

It appears as though poker is one of these activities, with Phelps apparently taking home $100,000 from a single game following a visit to Las Vegas.

It's a well-known fact that Phelps likes a flutter and there have been times where several of his friends have expressed concerns about his gambling habits. While his competitiveness has aided him substantially in his highly-decorated swimming career, some sources have claimed that it can lead him to racking up huge poker losses as he just keeps playing until he manages to win.

However, on this most recent occasion, the 27-year-old appears to have triumphed. Reports in Las Vegas have suggested that Phelps went to a trip to the famous Caser's Palace in Sin City and ended up taking $100,000 from just one game.

Phelps has been more than open about his poker in the past and once told reporters that the game allows him to relax and be himself. It's understood that he first started playing online in small $1 games but after experiencing various success, he started to play on a larger scale. Moreover, now that the swimmer’s career has officially ended following his recent retirement, he certainly has the time, and of course finances, to spend at the poker table. Whether or not he becomes another celebrity to attempt to crack the professional tour is another matter, though.