Online Poker Etiquette Tips

Like many others online poker players, you might be under the illusion that sitting behind a computer screen gives you the right to do what you want without any restrictions. Part with this illusion and remember that despite the online nature of the game, you don’t have a free license to act like a jackass. There is a number of unspoken rules every poker player should know.

Don’t tap the glass.
Never offend a weaker player for making a mistake that cost you money even if you got hot under the collar. Do you realize that educating a weaker player in the game process would be a mistake on your part? Never be a coach at the poker table. If a weaker player held a losing hand and had the luck of drawing out to a better hand, winning the pot and you are ready to bite his head off, take it stoically.

Shouting at him and calling him a jackass for putting his entire bankroll in on a weak draw won’t bring your money back and can make him start doing fewer mistakes. If for no other reason, such behavior on your side will spoil playing environment, and that wouldn’t bring any good. It’s in your own interest to keep bad players having fun and playing for entertainment. Being rude to the fish would be wrong!

Don’t talk about a poker hand you are not in.
Never make any remarks about the hand of other players and never offer another player any recommendations on a hand they are in. If you have the strongest possible hand and you go all-in, and a bad player must make his choice between calling or folding, how would you take it if someone at the table kept on advising the fish to fold because they cannot outplay you. It’s absolutely unethical and should not be done in any situation. It’s not the same as a simple table talk for influencing a decision. If you are all-in and your opponent hesitates whether they should call or fold, it would be OK for you to try to influence their final decision. This is known as levelling and there is nothing unethical about it.

Do not berate others or use obscene language in the chat.
If you berate other players, it wouldn’t bring you any advantage. You might upset other player and they might decide to leave the table. You might lose your composure or even put yourself on tilt, just try to not to be rude or avoid using obscene words in the chat.

Do not talk about the hand you folded.
Don’t talk about your hand in the chat no matter what. You can safely talk about your hand only when the hand is completed. If you give a hint of what hand you hold right now, it could affect the way the hand plays out, which is absolutely unethical.

Keep up with the action
Try to make decisions fast, especially when it comes to basic preflop actions. You can take your time on crucial post flop decisions, but don’t think for too long to make not-so-vital decisions. If the game would be slowed down, nobody would like it. A player with little hopes of winning might get frustrated and quit the game.

Do not slowroll your opponent.
Slowrolling is really unsportsmanlike. When you think it’s obvious that you have the nuts and are going to call bets of other players, do not slowroll. Nevertheless, slowrolling can sometimes be acceptable, for example, when you are dealing with a jackass who insulted others in the chat, slowrolling can teach then a good lesson. Still, never do it to random players though!