Is It Safe To Play Online Poker?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask when they want to try online poker. It is crucial that you trust the website where you deposit your money and are 100% sure that no dishonest practices are used there.

We can find different definitions of safety, but the most important questions you should be asking before you start playing at any online poker table are, is my deposit safe? Is the software used by the website secure?

Are my funds safe?
You can be confident that your funds will be safe if you deposit on one of the largest poker websites. In fact, it can be safer to put down your deposit on most poker sites than in a traditional bank, since in the recent years of recession, some large banks crashed and had to be bailed out by the government to protect peoples’ money.

All reputable poker websites are regulated by the government and have no right to invest the funds of their customers in any way. There are no reasons to worry about the safety of your funds if you placed them on a reliable poker website!

However, if you put your money onto a small poker site very few people know about, it cannot be called a smart move on your part. In this case you risk getting into some kind of trouble. The most popular and talked-up websites can be considered to be safe places to play. Besides, smaller websites are not so profitable and like any business they can go broke. Not so long time ago several small websites of the MicroGaming network failed to yield enough profit and went into administration. As a result, the players who put money onto these websites had a difficulty of getting them back.

Thus, if you DO care about the safety of your funds, you should play at poker rooms that:

  1. 1)Have a large number of players
  2. 2)Have been around for a long period of time
  3. 3)Are doing well financially and yield large profits for many years.

On the other hand, the level of competition on smaller websites is much weaker than on large websites and the risk of a website going bust might be worth playing there as you can make lots of easy money there. What we recommend you is that you should keep most of your funds on the largest sites that gained a good reputation and then when you want to try playing on a smaller site, withdraw a small part of your bankroll, transfer it onto smaller website and don’t forget to cash out at least once in two weeks, only keeping a small amount on a small site.

What about software? Can it be rigged?
Many professional poker players are inclined to think that online poker software is unlikely to be rigged. Some of them even joke that even if it is rigged, they benefit from this since they have been able to earn large amount of money over many years. You can have no doubts that the cards pulled out the deck are random and that no other player can see them in advance.

Unpleasant and awful bad runs do happen, and it’s crucial to keep a large bankroll so you can survive the unpredictable swings.
However, there has been one case with a “super user” account which took place when one of employees from Absolute Poker made a back door that let a certain account to see all the cards beforehand.

This remains the only serious cheating scandal in the poker world that has ever happened. That account was brought out into the open because it was playing in a suspicious way and managed to win an astronomical amount of money. Of course, there can be no guarantee that similar cheating scenarios won’t be practiced by some scam masters again. But you can be confident that the likelihood of something like this happening to you is very low because everybody uses new tracking software that can easily discover any cheating scenarios.

To sum up, if this is the issue that make you worried a lot, then you should play poker only on the largest poker websites. These websites are powerful organizations where they take care of the safety measures and have a sufficient number of employees responsible for making sure nothing suspicious takes place.

They usually have a large team who is responsible for the software programming, a team supervising programmers and a team who has the direction of their performance. The most profitable online poker websites yield billions in profits in a legal way, and they would never tolerate any kind of cheating practices on their websites because it could ruin their reputation and scare off their customers.