How to Play Pocket Aces

As a novice player, you will soon learn how precious pocket aces are. In practice, many players value this hand so much that they never fold it. Certainly, no other hand is better than pocket aces before the flop, but later there can be several situations where you should fold this hand.

It can be explained by a basic poker strategy, according to which you should fold pocket aces when you know you are beat. Remember that pocket aces are not invincible, and you can be confident that your pocket aces are the strongest hand only before the flop. However, if you are playing against three or four opponents after the flop your chances of winning the hand significantly decrease. The more players, the less valuable pocket aces are.

The Right Time to Fold Pocketi Aces
As mentioned above, you pocket aces should be folded if you think that your opponent beats your hand.

Circumstances where you should better fold Pocket Aces:
Your hand: pocket aces
The number of other players: 4
Boardi: K(s) K(h) Q(s)

Let’s assume that you played your hand wisely before the flop and won as many chips as you could. First of all try to figure out your opponents hands after each of them calls your hand. To guess what cards they hold, put each opponent on a range of different hands. You are not a beginner and know what you are doing. A large bet fired out by you means that you have a strong hand. So what kind of hands can they hold?

Well, you cannot be sure but generally they are AK, AQ, KK, QQ, etc.

Having a look at the flop, you discover that one of your opponents had to hit hard on that board. Some other player has one or two kings in their hand which is leaving you with two outs at best. Now it’s the right time to fold your pocket aces. The difference between a professional poker player and a mediocre poker player is that the professional player will admit the need to fold his pocket aces. Playing pocket aces all the way through is a huge mistake.