How to Play Broadway Cards in Tournaments

Although face cards like J-Q and 10-J (also known as Broadway cards) can be very beneficial pre-flop, they can cause a lot of damage to your chip stack if you fail to release them when it’s necessary. They can be played with in position but they can bring you a lot of heartache when played against some types of players.

Benefits of Broadway Cards:

  • They are excellent for heads-up situations and can be used for hitting a pair or better, or for bluffing/semi-bluffing/floating pots with overcards.
  • Unlike pocket/drawing hands, broadway cards are not so difficult to fold.
  • You will be handsomely remunerated for calling 3bets out of position and hitting a Broadway straight, particularly against players who hit the flop aggressively with a hand like AK. When you hold very strong hands, there are more chances that you’ll get called-off.
  • Such hands can be successfully used for opening pre-flop since you can use limping, stealing or shoving with them.

Downsides of Broadway Cards:

  • Hitting a pair can bring about a lot of troubles with negative implied odds.
  • Such hands don’t have much showdown value unless you manage to hit a pair or better.
  • These cards are not risk-free and call for hitting something on the flop.