Holdem Manager 2

The fact that the Holdem Manager series has already picked up numerous awards speaks volumes about its effectiveness in the poker software market. This latest version, released in 2011, includes several benefits to previous ones and is already proved a hit amongst buyers.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks associated with this piece of software is the pricing structure. To say it is complicated is an understatement and users can pay anywhere between $40.19 and $159.99 depending on their needs. For example, those who wish to play in small-stakes games ($0.25-$0.50 in No Limit and Pot Limit, $0.40-$1 in Limit and up to $22 tournaments) will shell out $59.99. However, this package only covers either Hold'em or Omaha, meaning it can get expensive if you wish to benefit with both types of game. There is a pro version offering which doesn't have any limits on stakes, with this costing $89.99. However, it is at least possible to purchase a combined package, with Hold'em and Omaha versions costing $159.99 when bought at the same time. Finally, there is another pricing option. For those who already have the previous version of the software, they can upgrade for just $40.19 for the small stakes version, $60.29 for the pro versions or $100.49 for the combined pro versions.

Now that the finances are out of the way, it's worth progressing onto the features that make Holdem Manager 2 such a popular piece of software. Undoubtedly, the reports interface is one of the key functions of the software and the part that most users will be accessing. It's possible to view results and stats for all types of games, whether it be cash encounters or tournaments. As you may expect, it's possible to add many filters to these stats, while the screen also displays detailed information for each hand you have played in. It will highlight the size of the pot, your action and the cards on the table amongst other useful data. Furthermore, all this information can be viewed in graph format.

It is also possible to view an active session with the software. This tracks, in real-time, the performance of a user as they compete on a poker site. It'll detail the net amount won and as usual, this will be displayed as a graph or table.

Another "live" feature is the opponents tab. It's possible to view a variation of data for these players and users can stipulate at what position they want to view. For example, they can view information for when a player is sitting on the button, or different data if they are the big blind. Moreover, it's also possible to view all of the available hands to see what style they play in.

One of the surprising features of Holdem Manager 2 is the ability to download and access apps. There are a whole host of third-party applications that can be utilised with the software, such as Holdem Manager Table Scanner, which helps you find the most profitable tables, and Tilt Breaker, which is an add-on designed to aid with bankroll management.

As is the case with most poker software, Holdem Manager 2 contains a HUD. This function contains all of the statistics you would expect and more, but the impressive fact is that it's possible to configure different setups for different poker websites. This provides plenty of customization ability and means that you only have to view the data that is important to you.

A small addition to the latest version of Holdem Manager 2 is NoteCaddy. As the name of this function suggests, this allows users to automatically add pre-defined notes to other players as a game progresses. It can be very useful for those users who target specific players for heads-up bouts.

Holdem Manager 2 also contains a hand replay function. Once again, little explaining is required with this feature, with the system simply showing a repeat of a previous hand you have been involved in.

As you can see, Holdem Manager 2 is an extremely thorough piece of poker software that seems to cover all bases. Unlike rival products, it aids a player before, during and after their tournaments and this means that all users should experience at least some form of improvement after using it.