Daniel Negreanu hits out at TwoPlusTwo

It would be fair to say that the relationship between Daniel Negreanu and TwoPlusTwo has been poor for some time and the professional has once again ignited an argument. Negreanu has told moderators of the poker organization to "stop being such nits" following a disagreement about charity advertisements.

A representative for the 22Q.org Foundation attempted to post details of a fundraising event on the TwoPlusTwo message board, only to see the post deleted. It was claimed that "charity spamming" is not allowed on the site without the permission of TwoPlusTwo owner Mason Malmuth and this clearly irritated Negreanu.

Negreanu is one of several professional players who support the 22Q.org cause and following his initial outburst, he added, "Have a heart. It’s for charity. Mason Malmuth and that kook moderator are greasy, slimy, nerdy, nutcases and they make me sick."

The charity is aiming to promote the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, which is a health problem that can cause issues such as heart defects and immune disorders. The purpose of the post on TwoPlusTwo was to promote a podcast about the issue, with the aim being to run the show for a record-breaking length of time.

TwoPlusTwo have been at the centre of several rows about charity advertisements. Even though they are known to have a policy of not allowing any support of charities, there was an incident last year which saw Presidential candidate Gary Johnson post on the forum in a bid to receive donations. This post was surprisingly allowed and resulted in a moderator resigning from TwoPlusTwo in protest.