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Sharks and fish are much talked about topics in poker circles. The aim of the game is to upgrade to a professional player (shark) so that you can gobble the chips of the bad players (fish). The problem is that, just like in the underwater world there is an infinitely great number of fish living to make all of the sharks full up, so how can we be confident that we are not the feed?

Show me a poker player who likes to fold. You can hardly find one. No one plays poker to lay down your cards hand after hand. We are hungry for excitement, huge pots, seamless bluffs and astonishing calls with third pair! But if you really want to turn from a regular player who plays poker for fun into a poker guru who always wipes his opponents out and earn unbelievable profits at the tables then you need to learn the science of the hero fold.

The 6-max SNG is probably the only ‘soft’ game in NLH. Tournaments swarm with sharks, cash games are rich in nits and 9 man SNGs have turned into tiresome push or fold exercises. Still, 6-max SNGs have remained rather perspective.

According to the Gap Concept, formulated by David Sklansky, one needs a more decent hand to call a raise then to open the pot oneself. It might sound pretty simple, but it is usually underrated or treated with less care that it deserves because of its seemingly self-evident nature.

What are poker tells? They are usually defined as a blinking of an eye, twitch of the nose, or any other non-verbal body language clues that help you guess your opponent’s hand. Poker masters can often be heard telling about making a correct read on a player based solely on a tell that they detected.

Many poker players give up playing No Limit Holdem because it’s becoming too complicated and turn to Pot Limit Omaha instead. New players also find Omaha more attractive as here they have a better chance of winning. Welcome to Pot Limit Omaha Poker!

Like many others online poker players, you might be under the illusion that sitting behind a computer screen gives you the right to do what you want without any restrictions. Part with this illusion and remember that despite the online nature of the game, you don’t have a free license to act like a jackass. There is a number of unspoken rules every poker player should know.

Poker is the real craze these days, with Texas Hold'em variants being the game that enjoys enormous popularity. All over the globe poker lovers are playing Texas Hold'em games and its popularity seems to be growing at the speed of light.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask when they want to try online poker. It is crucial that you trust the website where you deposit your money and are 100% sure that no dishonest practices are used there.