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Although online poker rooms are the places that attract the majority of players, brick and mortar poker rooms aren’t going to lose ground as they have a more than steady crowd of fans


Sam Razavi has continued to build on his fantastic reputation on the international poker tour, with the Englishman triumphing in the recent PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Melbourne


Few people can boast to earn $6,465,746 in one day, yet Stanley Choi has just been added to that list. The Chinese player managed to win the recent Macau High Stakes Challenge and take


Articles about the poker


Sharks and fish are much talked about topics in poker circles. The aim of the game is to upgrade to a professional player (shark) so that you can gobble the chips of the bad players (fish). The problem is that, just like in the underwater world there is an


Show me a poker player who likes to fold. You can hardly find one. No one plays poker to lay down your cards hand after hand. We are hungry for excitement, huge pots, seamless bluffs and astonishing calls with third pair! But if you really want to turn from a


The 6-max SNG is probably the only ‘soft’ game in NLH. Tournaments swarm with sharks, cash games are rich in nits and 9 man SNGs have turned into tiresome push or fold exercises. Still, 6-max SNGs have remained rather perspective.

Poker news


Poker enthusiasts are delighted to see the European Poker Tour return, with the first event in the schedule being in Barcelona. In the end, it was American Dan Smith who triumphed, with the Las Vegas-born player overcoming a large field to take home the $1,183,100


It would be fair to say that the relationship between Daniel Negreanu and TwoPlusTwo has been poor for some time and the professional has once again ignited an argument. Negreanu has told moderators of the poker organization to "stop being such nits" following a


Frenchman Laurent Polito has added to his impressive CV of titles this week, after the player proved victorious in the Barcelona event of the European Poker Tour. The win now means that Polito has won a total of $582,758 during his career and is undoubtedly classed

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